A little testimony time, I have never been one to use the chiropractor. I thought all that cracking would be bad on the back. A few years back I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had two bulging discs in my lower back. My wife's cousin, Brandi Hill, was starting up her chiropractic business and said she believed she could help me because the doctors had been talking surgery. I agreed and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made! Better flexibility, range of movement, my back feels mostly normal now. Day before yesterday I felt a little stiff and my back was kinda catchy but yesterday afternoon I went to see Dr. Hill and as soon as she adjusted my lower back.... Instant relief!  I highly recommend going to see her!

Andy Johnson

Paige and Whiskey

I went to Dr. Hill after a pretty bad accident on my horse. I was sore all over and had a knot on my back. She had been seeing my baby sister for a while so I figured it was worth a shot. It took a few visits, but I felt better before long, the knot went away, and now I don't have any soreness in my back. The best thing about going to her was she worked with my busy schedule of school, work, and riding.

In addition, Dr. Hill has started adjusting my horse, Whiskey, and I have noticed improvement in his gait and in his hip area that seemed to be bothering him where the saddle hit his pelvic bone.

Paige Thompson, 16yrs old


My baby was about 4-5 months old when I read an article about the advantages of chiropractic adjustments for children. I read everything I could find about it, and it sounded like a great alternative for a few of the struggles I was dealing with as a new mom, and so many people had good outcomes from it. I still had reservations because no one I knew had ever tried it, and I couldn't confirm that any local practitioners had experience with small infants. When my baby was about 6 months old, I ran into Dr. Hill at a football game and learned she had moved back to Crossett from Houston, and she had a lot of experience with small children so I arranged a session. It wasn't at all what I expected. She cuddled and played with her the whole time she was doing the adjustment and my baby never knew she was having a procedure. After her second adjustment, I saw substantial results in her sleep pattern. She started sleeping all night within 3-4 visits to Dr. Hill. Within 2 months her chronic snotty daycare nose was gone and she hadn't had any ear infections!!! As a working mom, I couldn't have been more pleased. At about a year old I had backed off her treatments and was living life. Our next big obstacle was making the transition from formula to regular milk. It was horrible!!! My baby had such a tough time with constipation and the runny nose and ear infections were back. We resumed our weekly adjustments for a month and her symptoms once again vastly improved. At just over 2 years old, we continue to get monthly adjustments. I’m happy to report we haven't had an ear infection in over a year, we sleep all night, and are knocking potty training out of the park! My baby LOVES to go see "Bandi" and "get her popcorn out". When she hears her joints “pop”, she gets excited and gives Dr. Hill high fives!

I'd recommend chiropractic intervention for any mom or dad struggling with their child's ever changing development, but most especially I'd recommend Dr. Hill for her gentle hands that my daughter loves and looks forward to. Her services were truly a game changer for me, my baby, and my family.

Dana Barker (mother of Laney Barker)

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